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I am a mother, a teacher, and a nature lover. I grew up on a mountain we called Owls' Knob in the Ozarks of Arkansas. The first seven years of my life were spent living in a log cabin, far from a store or streetlight, without electricity or running water and after twenty years of travel, I returned to the abondoned homestead. Now I live on a hill by a small lake and work at a public garden. These are stories about nature written from a women deeply influenced by place.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Environmental Groups in NWA

Today I went to the Environmental Education and Outreach Networking Meeting. I met many wonderful people in great groups all over Northwest Arkansas. It filled me with hope. There are so many people working to protect the Ozarks. So here is a list of some of the local environmental organizations, projects, and outreach programs I recently became aware of:

  • Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality - ADEQ protects the air, water and land from the threat of pollution. We strive for environmental quality through programs of regulation, education and assistance.
  • Arkansas Environmental Education Association - AEEA is a networking and information based organization that works with educators, students, business, government, and the general public to increase the awareness and knowledge about the environment... AEEA's purpose is to promote and advocate for environmental education which incorporates a number of disciplines including conservation and natural resource education.
  • Arkansas Forestry Education Foundation - AFA advocates for the sustainable use and sound stewardship of Arkansas’s forests and related resources to benefit members of the state’s forestry community and all Arkansans today and in the future... AFA members are finding ways to meet the demands for essential forest products, with the world's growing population, while maintaining fresh water and air supplies, enhancing fish wildlife habitat and conserving significant sites and recreation areas.
    • Project Learning Tree - "Project Learning Tree (PLT) is an environmental education program that presents a balanced approach to teaching our children about our forests, forestry, and the environment... PLT is a source of interdisciplinary instructional activities and provides workshops and in-service programs for teachers, foresters, park and nature center staff, and youth group leaders.
  • Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Education Division- "[Nature] centers are an outlet the Education Division uses for hands-on experience and education. Each center focuses on the natural elements and ecosystems found in its region of the state. Education Centers are part classroom, part museum and part playground, the centers help people of all ages better understand their natural surroundings.
  • Arkansas Recycling Coilition - The ARC is committed to assisting members in improving their reduce, reuse, and recycling opportunities, recycling skills and techniques through education, special studies, research and the exchange of ideas and technical knowledge.
  • Arkansas State Parks - There are 52 state parks in Arkansas. Each one with its own beauty and attractions. The parks offer education and teaching oppertunities as well. How many have you visited recently?
  • Audubon Arkansas - Mission: To conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.
  • Beaver Water District - Our mission is to serve our customers’ needs by providing high quality drinking water that meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and is economically priced consistent with our quality standards.
  • Beaver Watershed Alliance - Homework assignment: find out where the rain falling on your backyard ends up. Do you know your watershed? Do you know where the water you drink falls as rain?
  • Benton County Environmental Services - Our mission is to preserve and protect the environment of Benton County...
  • Boston Mountain Solid Waste District - Our objective is to provide environmentally sound and economically feasible solid waste management to Northwest Arkansas using an integrated approach of waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, disposal, and education.
  • Botanical Garden of the Ozarks - If you haven't been to the Botanical Garden, you must visit the facilities this spring. Throughout the year the garden has various events and educational outreach programs.
  • Center for Math & Science Education - A wealth of links ad resources!
  • Fayetteville Wastewater - CH2M - The protection of both human and ecosystem health in the Northwest Arkansas region is vitally important.
  • City of Fayetteville - The city has a lot of branches devoted to protecting the local environmnet.
    •  Solid Waste and Recycling - The Solid Waste and Recycling Division provides for the collection and processing of commercial and residential waste for the City of Fayetteville.
    •  Strategic Planning - The Department serves as a liasion to local, state and national organizations on climate protection, green building and energy issues. It targets non-profit facilities for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. 
    • Park Planning and Urban Forestry - Access Fayetteville - Check out their non-native or invasive species brochure!
  • Feed Fayetteville - An organization dedicated to alleviating hunger and creating food security in our community by cultivating a local sustainable food network.
  • Fayetteville in Bloom - The Fayetteville In Bloom committee's mission is to serve as an umbrella for all facets of the population, to share ideas, to increase awareness through education, and to improve the quality of life, keeping Fayetteville a beautiful and viable community.
  • Fayetteville Public Schools -
    •  Farm to School- Students at three elementary schools learned about the importance of eating local foods in a dynamic, interactive lesson.
    • Apple Seed, Inc. - We believe that all children deserve good nutritional foods, healthy activity, and joy.
  • The Green Team - The FPS District Green Teams are committed to educating students, parents, community members, etc. about environmental issues and therefore taking steps toward improving the environment in the home, school, community, workplace, county, and world.
  • Illinois River Watershed Partnership - The Illinois River Watershed Partnership works to improve the integrity of the Illinois River through public education and community outreach, water quality monitoring, and the implementation of conservation and restoration practices throughout the watershed.
    • Rain Garden Project - Storm water is the number one pollutant in our nation's waterways. Rain Gardens are beautiful and reduce the amount of rain water pollutants in streams, rivers, and lakes.
  • Keep Arkansas Beautiful Foundation - Conservation, recycling, and clean water and air are top-of-mind issues.
  • Native Expeditions - To Provide education, leadership skills, and stewardship opportunities in cultural arts, history, geography, and environmnetal literacy.
  • U of A Applied Sustainability Center - Creating a sustainable global consumer goods economy.
  • U of A Office for Campus Sustainablility - No Impact Compitition!
  • Washington County Coorperative Extention Service -  From agricultural programs to family financial management to youth education, we offer educational programs that have immediate and practical applications.
  • Washington Co. Environmental Affairs and Recycling - The goal of Washington County Environmental Affairs and Recycling is to promote the proper disposal of solid waste, provide assistance for cleaning illegal dumps, enforce stormwater regulations and provide environmental education to all ages of the county.
  • Wildlife Habitat Certification Program - Making wildlife habitats at home...

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